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Hey Beauty Peeps,

I’m a total beauty box/bag subscription-aholic if there is such a thing. At one point I seriously had a total of 7 subscriptions each ranging from $5-$21 a month. Typing that made me realize just how absolutely ridiculous that is, even more so than I already thought, so don’t judge me 😜

At first it was exciting. I got to try all sorts of new products and brands that I never would have tried before. However after six months it began to feel like I was receiving the same things over and over again only in different colors or from a different subscription. It was just underwhelming when I would receive the box or bag so I decided some would just have to go. 

After a couple months of comparing each subscription here are my thoughts and notes on which ones got the ax. 

Allure – $15 a month, all small travel size products, received a damaged item one month that they couldn’t replace because they ran out of the product but they did send me an item of my choice as a replacement. Cancelled because the value of the box didn’t seem to be worth it based on product sizes received. 

Walmart – $5 seasonally with very underwhelming products, most of which I already was using or had previously used.  Also you never receive full size items, which is obvious based on the price of course. 

Target – $10 a month, underwhelming products, most of which I was already using or had previously used and never full size items. Nothing too exciting about the boxes and they were always hard to get anyway. Not really a subscription I guess since they are first come first serve really but I still included it. 

FabFitFun – $49.99 seasonally, which averages out to $16.70 a month basically. All items are full size, with an occasional sample item thrown in as an extra freebie.  With the box you receive a variety of items based on a seasonal theme. Not all items are makeup related either. My subscription is currently still active and it is one of my favorites that I don’t plan on cancelling any time soon. 

Ipsy – $10 a month and items come in a makeup bag with with a different theme or design each month. All the items are usually mini or delux travel size and the bag is the same size each month. Not a bad subscription but not very overwhelmingly exciting either.  Also not sure what I can do with 7 makeup bags that are the same exact size?  Although the price point is good I just didn’t feel compelled to keep it any longer. 

Glossybox – $21 a month and items come in an awesome pink box which can be reused. I use mine for storage and organization in various drawers or cabinets around the house.  The items I have received range from full size to delux mini size. Overall the subscription isn’t bad but I have recently received mostly mini items and don’t feel the price per month is worth it. It seems to not be the best value for my money since it’s the same cost as Boxycharm but you get less full size items. 

Boxycharm – $21 a month and items received are typically all full size. I have found that I get the most for my money with this subscription and have decided to continue this one for the time being. Each month I have been pleased with the items received.  Twice I have received a full palette (an OFRA z palette with 6 full size shadows, a coastal scents blush/bronzer palette, and I believe another full size palette will be in this months box as well!). This one is definitely a favorite. 

So that’s it. After weighing the pros and cons only FabFitFun and Boxycharm remain as my current beauty subscriptions. From 7 down to only two. That’s much more acceptable and I am confident I will continue to get the most for my money with these two. 

So, what are your favorite subscriptions?  What do you think about any of the ones I have mentioned above?  Have you cancelled any of your subscriptions?

Until next time,


Crazy Jess 😘

Glossybox April 2016

Maybe you are tired of seeing my posts about beauty boxes this week. It’s cool. I get it. But the middle of the month just happens to be the time when all my beauty bags/boxes typically arrive. So I’m going to be posting my thoughts as they arrive.  So deal with it. 

Yesterday I received the April 2016 Glossybox. I have only had a subscription for a short time as in this is only my 2nd box I’ve ever received. It’s $21 a month and is filled with 5 delux size sample and/or full size beauty items. It seems that GB gives you more full size items than other subscriptions so far but it’s only been two months so maybe that won’t continue. We will wait and see.  

So here is my box for the month:  

The first months box was packaged perfectly with a perfectly tied black bow around the tissue paper. This month it looked like they threw my stuff in the box and forgot to tie it up and seal the paper with the usual Glossybox decal they typically use. But that is not a deal breaker for me. I just really enjoyed the presentation of the first months box and kind of expected it going forward. I’m interested to see how it will be next month. That is just a minor detail though and did not affect the quality of the box or the items I received. 

On to what was in the box…

My box included:

Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask (3.4oz Full Size) value of $18

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Nail Polish in the color Pillow Talk. (.4 oz Full Size) value of $19

Alterna Haircare Cavier Cc Cream Extra Hold (.85oz sample size) Full Size = $25 (est. value of $8.50)

Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner (Full Size) value of $20

Biossance The Nourisher Precious Rose Face Oil (1 oz) Full Size = $72 (est. value of $10)

So basically I paid $21 (includes shipping) for $75 worth of products. Not too bad. I never would have tried any of these brands and haven’t heard of them actually until receiving this box this month. 

Another plus about the box this month is that three of my five items were full size. I am actually super excited about what I received as well. 

My brief thoughts on the products:

I’ve already tried the eyebrow pencil and love it. I’m very excited to try the face oil and hope it doesn’t break me out. Not sure how I feel about the hair CC cream but willing to give it a try. The nail polish is a beautiful color but I haven’t tried it yet since my nails are painted the purple color I received from my Ipsy bag this month currently so thoughts on that will be posted later. 

I think I’m the most excited about the face mask. It smells amazing but it actually smells pretty strong considering its for sensitive skin. So we will see how it goes. Fingers crossed my skin reacts well to it. 

 So far I’d say this months box is another win and I will continue my subscription for a little while longer.  April has been a good beauty bag/box subscription month so far! 
Have you ever subcribed to the Glossybox Monthly Beauty Box?  Why did you stop?  What do you think about the products if you are a current subscriber?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

If you aren’t currently a Glossybox subcriber and want to check it out, go here: Glossybox

XOXO, CrazyJess