Too Faced Totally Cute Palette

So today I received an email from Too Faced announcing the new “limited edition” eyeshadow pallet. You know how I feel about limited edition eyeshadow palettes if you watched my Sweet Peach Palette Rant on my YouTube channel. 

If you didn’t watch it, basically it annoys me because people will be buying them all up so they run out of stock and trying to resell them for 2-3x their retail value online.  Like we really need another Sweet Peach fiasco.   Automatically when I opened the email and read “limited edition” I started the eye rolling and urge to dismiss the message by immediately deleting it as I proclaimed “bye Felicia” 

Side note: people are still posting those SweetPeach palettes on Mercari and PoshMark for $95+ 🙄

Back to my point, here is the new palette:

It’s the Totally Cute palette that comes with stickers so you can customize your palette…

Um, yeah, no. I’m already not a fan and haven’t even seen it in person yet. For the price I don’t want to have to “decorate” it. I’m also a 33 year old woman so if I’m going to spend $36 on a eyeshadow palette it better display a level of sophistication and class that this price tag indicates it should. 

The first thing I thought of when I saw this palette is it reminded me of my first makeup set when I was like 6. I’m probably being way too critical but I just don’t get it. I will definitely not be buying this. New shades or not, put it in a grown up palette and I may consider it. But not until then.  

On a positive note the colors seem like they are very pretty. But still a no from me. 

What do you think? Will you be buying it?  What do you think about the packaging and “stickers” for customization?  Am I being too critical?  

Until next time,


Crazy Jess


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