Drugstore Haul 

Today I made a quick stop by one of our local Rite Aid drugstores to check out the sale I saw online starting today for Loreal cosmetics. I saw an ad that said they were 40% off. I figured that either everything would be gone or that it would be for select items only. 

To my surprise it included everything except clearance items. That was super exciting because I had a lot of Loreal coupons!  

So here is what I got and the price I paid after sale price and coupon added:

Voluminous Super Star Red Carpet Black Mascara ($5.49)

Loreal La Palette Nude 1 eyeshadow palette.  ($8.99)

Loreal Infallible Matte-Mattic eyeliner in color Matte Navy Blue ($4.39)

Loreal Infallible 18hr Foundation in color 602 Soft Ivory ($5.49) 

Loreal True Match Lumi Cushion Illuminous Foundation in color N2 Classic Ivory ($8.19)

Loreal True Match Blush in color Rosy Outlook ($5.59)

Loreal True Match powder in color N1 Soft Ivory ($5.59)

So far I have only tried the eyeshadow. It blends well and the shades are very nice for a neutral eye. The only negative is that the provided double ended eyeshadow brush is total crap. It’s so cheap that they shouldn’t have even included it at all. But maybe I’m being too critical. If someone pays full retail for these palettes ($18.99) they should at least get a better quality eyeshadow brush with purchase in my opinion. 

So what do you think of these Loreal products?  Is the Lumi Cushion foundation really as great as everyone says it is?  

Until next time,


Crazy Jess


11 thoughts on “Drugstore Haul 

  1. Bhavika says:

    I love reading posts like these. Definitely my favourite type of posts! Been hearing so much about the Lumi Cushion foundation that I am so excited to get it for myself. Let me know what you think of yours xo

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