I’m On YouTube!

After months of talking about it, I finally have done it!  I’ve published my first video to my YouTube channel.  I’ve got so much to learn.  I mean I need a better camera, better lighting, to spend more time on content planning, and learn more about editing so that I have the ability to add music, effects, and transitions but I’m proud of myself for being willing to put it out there.

I’ve posted my first video today entitled March 2016 Beauty Favorites.  Go give it a look and subscribe to my channel if you don’t mind.  I think I’m going to be giving the vlogging thing a try for a while as it’s much easier than typing for sure!

So much to talk about, such little time.  My content will range from a variety of topics to include beauty & makeup, life, our foster parenting journey, infertility, rants and other product reviews, and just daily life of a 30 something wife.  I promise you a laugh or two if nothing else.  🙂


Crazy Jess


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